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Greetings everyone, I hope you have watched my video and now want to find out more!

As I said on the video it was a tremendous project of love and l found really excellent quality audio and video footage not only of me but also of my eight super special guest performers. There is also footage never released on DVD before! As students of Keyboard University you will be able to see and identify a lot of what you learned and hear great songs for you to apply your new knowledge plus you can learn some additional playing techniques when you see something you really like. 

All you need to do is when you see something you want to do put your DVD on pause and look at and study the hand and finger positions. Just copy the hand position and give it

a try. I will be showing a lot of these playing techniques in next year's

Keyboard University Session II.

There are 128 truly memorable performances on these two double length DVDs and besides being enjoyable to watch it will give you great styling ideas and applying opportunities.

The Concert of Concerts is over 4 hours in length plus as a super free bonus you will receive another double length DVD made from two full length DVDs with the greatest music from America’s most famous and fantastic big bands. More great learning opportunities!

There is no other collection of the great big bands more complete or more wonderful on any DVD and it is yours free with The Concert of Concerts.

To order your double length Concert of Concerts and your free double length Big Band collection just go click the link below and order the Concert of Concerts.  You will truly love all the music. If these DVDs were produced as singles you would have to buy 6 and even discounted to $20.00 each you would pay $120.00. Your price till December 31, 2020 is only $49.95 what a wonderful gift to yourself.

All My Best,    Dennis

Keyboard University lessons have begun

and we thank all of you who have joined us on our wonderful musical journey. 

The good news is if you haven't yet, still can join us at my special introductory price of just $279.00. 

Plus you will never miss a lesson.  That's right, you will be able to access each lesson and every lesson past and present as

many times as you like once you become a member.  Yes!  As we progress, each and every lesson can be viewed as many

times as you wish!

Remember, you can always access and receive any lesson you might have missed as each lesson will be available to you

no matter what time of the year you join us. It's a win win win. My lessons are compatible for all makes and models and all

levels of playing.  Through the next several months, until the end of year,  I will be here with you and for you. So ask a friend

that has already joined how much they are learning and enjoying my lessons and come join in on the fun and become

the musician you always wanted to be.

Sincerely, Dennis Awe

This has been a long awaited vision to have you playing like a pro with today's new technology. Dennis Awe has found a new, easy way to bring the love of music into your life! A private page, KEYBOARD CLASS is setup for all paid members with the Lesson 1-4 loaded!  I have spent a lifetime learning and will now share with all who subscribe.

Dennis has a LOVE for LAUGHTER! He has even written a JOKE BOOK! (It is in our online store)

We are going to try and drop a smile in every now then! Laughing is GOOD MEDICINE!


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