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Announcing an absolutely wonderful unbelievable discounted opportunity to be able to play your Lowrey instrument and sound unbelievably magnificent and to do it so absolutely easy. Learn the great styling techniques of the greatest of the greatest in minutes — not days, months or years —IN MINUTES. Don’t miss out and now for your great opportunity!


NOW you can Save over 50% on the magnificent

Keyboard University Organ Styling Seminar series created by Dennis Awe.


If you or a family member has served in the United States Military you now can qualify for over a 50% discount on all Keyboard University’s tremendously successful organ styling Semesters on playing the organ and sounding like a truly gifted professional. This fabulous program is easy to do and is for all levels of players. This unique program of learning can instantly super enhance how you sound!

You will receive all the professionally produced Keyboard University DVDs seminar lessons that you will actually see, hear and understand all these magnificent easy to do keyboard stylings. You will also receive all the custom created music arrangements and instructional material. All in easy to read music. You will live your dream of sounding professional.



As a SUPER Bonus you will receive a FREE USB that has ALL the great custom edited sound registrations and exclusively enhanced orchestral accompaniment backgrounds for every song in each lesson!!! (A $159.00 value FREE!)


This is a dream come true for all Organ players, especially Lowrey Organ owners!!!

Act now and save 50%.(regular price $399)

Each semester comes complete with: 

  • ALL custom arranged music

  • ALL the Video Lessons on DVD's for the semester

  • ALL instructional information

  • Plus a custom edited USB

ALL FOR  $199.00

 If you would like to see everything that is contained in each seminar please click on Table of Contents for each semester

Semester I        Semester II       Semester III


Don’t miss out on this unbelievable discounted price!!!

Take  Dennis Awe's Keyboard University Classes online or purchase the class on DVD's in our shop! 

Take Class online here

Purchase Class on DVD here

You are going to LOVE your Keyboard University Lessons!  We have Keyboard University Class I, II, III

available for the first time on DVD! 

What I am teaching is excellent for ALL LEVELS

of playing!  You can watch the classes at your convivence on your device on your time! 

Visit my Shop today! 

What  is next.... Dennis Awe will be giving One on One PRIVATE LESSONS coming soon! 


Just click here:     Thanks for the Memories

Visit my NEW page called "Thanks for the Memories" today it features:

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Our Keyboard Class II
2020 Graduates


Congratulations Sharon!

Dottie Pouliot

Congratulations Cheryl !


Congratulations Pauline!


Congratulations Darlene ! 

Regina Davis

Our Keyboard Class I
2020 Graduates

Sharon McGregor
Dottie Pouliot
Regina Davis

 Keyboard Class I, Keyboard Class II and  Keyboard Class III are available at your convenience and at your time of choice!  On average, the courses take approximately

6 months (if you do 2 lessons per month) We give you 8 months to complete the online Class. But if you purchase the DVD you will ALWAYS have it ! They are FUN, FULL of years of knowledge that only Dennis can teach and what he has learned on his

incredible musical journey.  

If you haven't signed up for Keyboard Class I, II or III , we make it EASY to do so and course cost $279.00 or you can PURCHASE DVD's in our SHOP here

>>>We have plans for One on One private Zoom Lessons after Keyboard Class III is completed. I am very excited for our journey together through music

Sincerely, Dennis Awe

    NEW    NEW    NEW    NEW   NEW   NEW   NEW   NEW

The Mighty Theatre Organ USB Library
The Big Band Organ USB Library
The Master Series Mega USB Library Volum

Greetings Everyone,

This is for Keyboard University participants, L.I .F.E. Members & my DennisAwe.Com students.

I want to share with you all the latest Keyboard University news & I hope you find it great news for you, too!

As a follower of Keyboard University, / L.I.F.E. / DennisAwe.Com & you are automatically grandfathered in to take advantage of my NEW super discounted prices. This holds true on my existing USB libraries & for all brand new editions!

Once COVID hit, traveling for me became a thing of the past. A true blessing was more family time!!! Having more time I started on what turned out to be a huge  & costly, fantastic musical project.

First & foremost Bil Curry & the Lowrey engineers built into all the USB models the ability to edit (enhance) every sound that was built in. On almost every orchestral instrument professional players create the speed of the vibrato, the attack & decay (how fast or slow the note is initially played) the octave ( high, medium or low) among many other styling effects. As an example, the sound of Guy Lombardo’s orchestra sounded totally ‘different then the Glenn Miller orchestra and Glenn’s orchestra sounded different than another big band YET they all had the same exact & identical number of instruments. Sooooooo with the editing capabilities on ALL Lowrey products from the year 2000 on, almost every musical instrument can be perfectly duplicated PROVIDED you spend the time & have the advanced technology of today available to you . For really true duplications it requires a lot of time & utilizing the expensive technology that is a must have for true perfection.

For my concerts & recordings I wanted the most amazing sounds that one instrument could make. I wanted to duplicate a 5 manual Wurlitzer theatre organ to perfection. Both as a solo instrument & also as playing with a full orchestra like at The Radio City Music Hall plus the most beautiful & impressive sounds from America’s greatest theatre organs as they sounded in their respective theaters.

Another dream was to duplicate the beautiful & majestic church organ sounds like you hear at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral & the church organ at West Point.

I just completed this huge project  & I’m thrilled with the results.

For the very first time I am introducing The Lowrey Master USB Volume One. Over 500 Brand New fabulous custom edited registration sounds are on this all new USB – PLUS you will receive absolutely free a musical arrangement for each of the 15 categories registrations.

The special discounted price is 30% off regular retail price of $229, now reduced to $159.00, it includes a library of perfectly matching music. On each of the 15 sets of category presets there are three special versions of each. You have a beginner, intermediate & advanced editions so whatever your playing skill is you have a perfect set of customized presets for each of the 15 categories.

I am also proud to announce I am re-releasing the Mighty Theatre Organ Master USB Library that has over 500 absolutely fabulous custom edited theatre organ sounds . If you love the full rich magnificent theater organ sounds you’ll be absolutely thrilled how impressive your Lowrey Organ will sound. They will work perfectly on every Lowrey model that has a USB input.

Also being re-released is the Big Band Bonanza. This fabulous library of the big band sounds contains over 20 sets of custom registrations utilizing over 800 custom edited sounds. All the great and famous Big Bands are here. Select the big band of your choice and you can play any style of music on your Lowrey and total perfection is yours. Also included are song suggestions for all 20 big bands.

Both the Mighty Theatre organ and Big Band libraries are reduced over from their original release of $229.00 and now are only $119.00 each.

Dennis Awe

Dennis Awe Keyboard UniversityLogo

Dennis has a LOVE for LAUGHTER! He has even written a JOKE BOOK!

(It is in our online store)

We are going to try and drop a smile in every now then! Laughing is GOOD MEDICINE!


Dennis Awe!

Concert of Concerts



Greetings everyone, I hope you have watched my video and now want to find out more!

As I said on the video it was a tremendous project of love and l found really excellent quality audio and video footage not only of me but also of my eight super special guest performers. There is also footage never released on DVD before! As students of Keyboard University you will be able to see and identify a lot of what you learned and hear great songs for you to apply your new knowledge plus you can learn some additional playing techniques when you see something you really like. 

All you need to do is when you see something you want to do put your DVD on pause and look at and study the hand and finger positions. Just copy the hand position and give it a try. I will be showing a lot of these playing techniques in next year's Keyboard University Session II.

There are 128 truly memorable performances on these two double length DVDs and besides being enjoyable to watch it will give you great styling ideas and applying opportunities.

The Concert of Concerts is over 4 hours in length plus as a super free bonus you will receive another double length DVD made from two full length DVDs with the greatest music from America’s most famous and fantastic big bands. More great learning opportunities!

All My Best,    Dennis

Call now if you have any questions!


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