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For the first time, you can purchase the entire Keyboard University Class III Lessons 1 -  12,   in their entirety! Keyboard University, Class III.Not only do we utilize and apply what we have learned so far but I will share with you as they say “The rest of the story.” In Class III we will graduate to you truly sounding like a top professional in all that we play.We will learn and play the great Broadway musicals, the way they sounded on Broadway and in the fabulous Hollywood movie musicals. We will also learn and play the great inspirational music with truly amazing musical arrangements.The styling secrets from Henry Mancini to Bobby Darren will be explained along with absolutely fabulous musical arrangements for you to play. Your going to love this Class! Included in this COMPLETE program is a USB with all the customized settings for every song in every class, along with a bound instruction manual and custom arranged sheet music.

Keyboard University Class III (Lessons 1 - 12)

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