Thanks For The Memories      

Greetings & Happy New Year !

My family and I are looking forward to the New Year and hope it is filled with

much love,  peace & joy! We hope yours is blessed as well!

Christmas Keys

Happy New Year!

I have received many calls and emails from Keyboard University students who

around Christmas time will be visiting their relatives and friends and won’t be home to take the mid December lesson or be home to practice. So to make it stress-free for all Keyboard University students our Christmas lesson will be the only lesson this month. On January 6th we will continue with our next lesson.

December Newsletter :

I am including on this site my newsletter that is normally on my site as the gentleman  who publishes it is in the hospital.

I truly hope that you will enjoy this months newsletter and bonus Christmas music!

I promised last month to have some wonderful video’s for you to see and they are all here in my new “ Thanks For The Memories “ section. This section is dedicated to all the wonderful people, audiences and performers that has so blessed my life.


Paul Shaub and I have known each other for over 40 years. Not only has Paul been a Lowrey concert organist he has created and written many of Lowrey’s best owners manuals! Paul is known for his great sense of comedy and many of his fantastic musical medleys. The Paul Shaub video segment showcases Paul in the Abbott and Costello comedy sketch of Who’s On First and then performs his musical tribute to America’s Armed Forces. Enjoy!

Bil Curry is truly a musical genius. Not only is he a magnificent keyboard artist his knowledge of all, and I do mean All, of America’s musical styles is unbelievably amazing. his knowledge and ability to duplicate those musical styles for all of us to play on our Lowrey instruments phenomenal. And what is truly amazing is that all of the musical styles he has created,

never, has one of his orchestral accompaniments made a mistake. Never!

Bil Curry is the living genius of Lowrey . I am truly blessed to be able to call Bil Curry a true friend. Like Paul Shaub Bil loves comedy. This fabulous routine is a true Bil Curry classic.

For your Christmas holidays I’ve included 3 special Christmas music videos.

I made two Christmas DVDs in my lifetime.

The first one was called An Awesome Christmas. It was a full theater showcase performance with some very famous guest stars in a beautiful Christmas setting. All of the special guest organists performed on the Lowrey Imperial Console organ.


The second video was entitled Home For The Holidays. The  video totally starred the music and the joy of the Christmas season and features over 1000 beautiful Christmas scenes. This DVD is perfect to play during dinner or when guests are at your house or to truly celebrate the meanings of Christmas.

The first video features music and pictures of   ' I’ll be home for Christmas. ’

The second video showcases two Christmas hymns.

The third one is Santa Claus is Coming To Town.

- I truly hope you will enjoy all of the Christmas videos.

If you want to order the full length DVDs just click  the image to of the DVD your interested in and it will take you to our store! We use  priority mail service for fast delivery!!!

If you are new to my site and have a Lowrey organ with an USB capability I have a Christmas Mega USB and a matching special EZ play notation Christmas arrangement book that has 23 full Christmas arrangements with over 200 custom created Christmas presets Plus 10 All New Christmas Orchestral Orchestral Accompaniments!!! Plus its on sale at a discount price. Click here for more information.

Your Christmas songs are: "A Christmas Cantata Of Angels " featuring Angels From The Realms of Glory and  "Angels We Have Heard On High"  plus "Silver Bells"

The suggestions for orchestral accompaniment for the Christmas cantata of angels is Tabernacle Choir at tempi 80 or Church Organ also at tempo 80. You can also try Baroque at tempo 96. For Silver Bells try Lullaby at Tempo 90. You may want to try Silver Bells with the Vibes for the Melody.

My family and I wish you a wonderful Christmas Holiday season and a healthy happy New Year.



Nativity Scene
Christmas Keys

This is your FREE PDF Music :

-A Christmas Cantata Of Angels

-Angels We Have Heard On High 

-Silver Bells

Bil Curry
Bil Curry
Home for the Holidays

Enjoy these 3 wonderful clips from my DVD

Home for the Holidays

purchase the FULL DVD  just (click here)

Awesome Christmas

   Enjoy these 2 clips from my DVD

An Awesome Christmas

purchase the FULL DVD  just (click here)

Concert of Concerts with Dennis Awe

   Enjoy these 2 FUN clips of

Bil & Paul from my DVD

Concert of Concerts

purchase the FULL DVD  just (click here)

Purchase these WONDERFUL Christmas DVD'S




Home for the Holidays
Awesome Christmas
Concert of Concerts with Dennis Awe
Christmas with the Stars


Christmas  USB & The Lowrey USB

Mega Christmas USB
Christmas with the Stars

During my lifetime in music (First concert 1953) I have met and played with many of the world’s greatest big bands, symphonies, organists, instrumentalists and vocalists. The amazing bonus is that I saw and played the original arrangements that became worldwide hits.  And it is my honor to share the styling secrets of these pro’s. These harmonies and embellishments are easy to learn and happily - easy to apply. In my lesson program you will learn many of the unbelievably great styling tricks of the professionals. You choose your favorites and you will live your dream of sounding great. Add in these styling enhancements with the great features on your instrument and you will sound like a gifted music professional

Dennis Awe