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Greetings everyone,

The NEW YEAR is finally here! We are off to a great start with Keyboard Class I and Keyboard Class II which have began on time! I’ve got many projects that are really keeping me busy and I love it!


The first Keyboard University is now  complete and graduates are signed up for Keyboard Class II! Send in your photos with your certificates!!!

We have several NEW students that have just began Keyboard Class I and that is why you see So many Classes Posted!!


Much more news next month!


My Best Wishes Always,


Newsletter  from Dennis about Keyboard University

I have received hundreds of emails and the one common denominator is the relief of anxieties and uncertainties we feel when we are playing our instruments.  Without exception this makes the time fly by and at this point in time that is a true blessing.  Just like everyone else, I myself sit at the organ enjoying the hobby of music.  It is a true joy. I am really looking forward to doing my all new organ lesson program that I have dreamed of and wanted to share with everyone for years.

Today’s technology makes it truly possible for private style lessons in your home! We can use this added time as a benefit to learn some SUPER EASY styling and arranging TRICKS OF THE TRADE that can REALLY MAKE YOUR MUSIC SOUND TRULY PROFESSIONAL!

Before I go through my styling lesson program I want to answer some of the most common questions

you may have...

1 - Will I easily learn styling enhancements that will really make a difference in how I sound?    


2 - Will this program be helpful to all levels of keyboard players?      

     The answer is Absolutely! Every lesson showcases playing techniques and tips equally for beginners,             intermediate and advanced players!!     

3 - Does it make a difference on what organ model I own?

     No not at all.  What is correct musically can be played on ALL organs models. The larger the model the         more choices of sound you have but you still play the same way!            

4 - Will I receive special song arrangements?

     The answer is YES, you most certainly will!

5 - Can all the new styling techniques you show on us screen also be downloaded?

     YES it can!

6 - Do you suggest which registrations are best for what you are teaching us?      

     YES!  Lists will be on the downloaded music.

7 - Is what you are showing us in the Lowrey course? 

No!  However, everything that you have learned in the Lowery program is a major positive plus. When  you add in the new material from my lessons to what you have already learned you will sound far greater than you ever expected!   PLUS - Every student will receive several musical surprises that are  not available in ANY other program!!!!

8 –If I need help getting my computer, IPad, or phone set up for lessons, can you help me with this?     

    Yes. I will post information to show to show you everything you need to know to make it very easy

    to receive.          

Here is my blueprint for The Keyboard University Classes I & II

 Series of Styling and Arranging Made Easy for all levels of playing abilities.  

During my lifetime in music (First concert 1953) I have met and played with many of the world’s greatest big bands, symphonies, organists, instrumentalists and vocalists. The amazing bonus is that I saw and played the original arrangements that became worldwide hits.  And it is my honor to share the styling secrets of these pro’s. These harmonies and embellishments are easy to learn and happily - easy to apply. In my lesson program you will learn many of the unbelievably great styling tricks of the professionals. You choose your favorites and you will live your dream of sounding great. Add in these styling enhancements with the great features on your instrument and you will sound like a gifted music professional

On the morning of the lesson, you will be able to download all the music for the lesson. After some lessons there will be a musical bonus for you.  (Some which will be truly priceless!!!)


To make all of this happen, I am making one room in my house a video lesson production center. Special cameras with great close up lenses, state-of-the-art recording of the music so everyone will see and hear perfectly for 100% comprehension.

We will also have ear training so when you listen to your playing you will never have to unlearn something as unlearning is truly difficult.

During our first group of lessons, we will learn many of the greatest styling secrets from the

1920’s Dixieland / The Theatre Organ Era/ America’s greatest ballads/ The Big Band Era/ The 1050’s/ Early Rock and Roll/ The Beatles/ The 1970’s/The 1980’s and America’s Greatest Musical Stars!  


We will do 2 full lessons a month that encompasses all playing levels. Doing one lesson every two weeks will give you the time to not only learn the new styling but have the ability to apply your new styling to the music you already know! Applying your new music knowledge is the true secret of playing and sounding like a professional in all that you play. Applying your new knowledge on a constant basis even for just a few weeks, will make it effortless and we can build from there!!! WOW!!   You will truly enjoy your success!


The secret of how much extra I can give you in these lessons is dependent on how many students sign up. The more students the more music and printed arrangements I can send as a bonus. As an example after our first lesson, everyone will have a famous Glenn Miller tribute arrangement printed in your choice of a beginner/intermediate/or advanced level that is not available anywhere else.


 Please tell all your organ friends to check out my website. That way everyone gets everything.

All those who subscribes this month will receive the discounted price of just $279.00

 Join now the Keyboard Class that fits you by simply clicking here

For now, the mini lesson of the month is on vacation as all efforts are on our exciting new program for our new adventures in MUSIC! I hope everyone will enroll and this new program will be a dream come true.

All My Best,


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