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Learn to play like a Pro  Starts early in 2021  

Dates and Times will be posted as soon as possible  

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Dennis Awe's

Keyboard University 

Dennis Awe's Learn to Play Like a Pro

Keyboard Class I

Keyboard Class II

Keyboard Class III

You can take the course online or purchase entire course on DVD 's.

Play Like a Pro with Dennis Awe with his online Lessons!

  • Keyboard Class I

    Perfect for all levels of learning from beginner to advanced
    Valid for 6 months
    • You will need to take this course BEFORE Keyboard Class II
    • These classes are filled with incredible knowledge!
    • Try to fit in two Lesson per month !
    • Each Video Lessons with Dennis runs approx., 30-45 minutes
  • Keyboard Class II

    For Graduates of Keyboard Class I
    • More exciting tricks of the trade
    • More music!
    • Dennis will share his knowledge with you!
    • You will be playing like a pro for sure!
  • Keyboard Class III

    For graduates of Keyboard Class II
    • Utilize & applying what we have learned
    • Learn & Play Broadway Musicals
    • Styling secrets of Bobby Darren & much more!
    • 1 Single PRIVATE Lesson with the subject of your choice!
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